Get the most out of brand
placements & ads

Maximize marketing ROI by facilitating instant buying from content

Reeliv Benefits for brands

Brand/Product identification

Help viewers identify your brand/product in the content as they watch. 

Empower viewers to buy whenever they want

Make it easy for consumers to act on impulses & buy in real time

Offer better experience with less friction

Forget the process of Search, Browse & Buy. Offer Discover & buy with one click

Precisely measure the effectiveness

Be it brand placements or ads, with Reeliv rightly attribute conversions and optimize with precise data


Product Placement Case Study

Vikranth Rona, a blockbuster Indian movie and few fashion brands partnered with us for product placement. 

Both brands and movie producers are looking to monetize merchandise used in the movie.

With Reeliv’s APIs, fashion brands were able to generate demand & sales online for the movie merchandise

How you can collaborate with Reeliv



We help you identify the right content for your brand, liaise with content owners to find the best scene to get maximum visibility for your brand.

We will integrate Reeliv API’s, which is key to enable real time product/brand discovery and purchase.

We have signed up with top upcoming movies. Get access to tomorrow’s movies for your brand/Product placement



Make your TV/Radio Ads
shoppable in real time

With Reeliv API’s, make your TV or Radio Ads shoppable as they air. Move beyond QR codes.

Precisely measure effectiveness and attribution.


Re-engage through your
old product placements

Even the old content with your products/brands placed can be made shoppable with Reeliv API’s


skip ads while watching video


recall what they see in content


use ad blocking tools

Easy to integrate APIs

Our exclusive APIs for Content Owners and Retail Brands are easy to integrate and work seamlessly on their applications and/or on our REELIV platform.

Embed your products into the content using an advanced web platform

Manage product embedding into content with advanced web portal.

What’s more, you can enable the APIs on your own e-commerce site and mobile apps.

Trusted by leading Content Owners & Retail Brands

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