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Our digital infrastructure enables the audience to discover products from content and buy them instantly, enabling frictionless shopping experience.

It's not easy to buy what you see

No easy way exists to “Buy” from what you see in real time while watching live and recorded videos

Where to find the same cap, shirt?

Let me try from Search Engine

Not able to find, where is it available?

Found similar, but is it authentic, trusted source?

Why is it so complex to buy what I See?

Welcome to the next era in contextual commerce

Powered by our patented invisible
and inaudible overlay to the content

Enables Content Owners and Retail Brands to monetize every frame! Brands can place their products in their own content (or partner with creators) & Consumers can buy what they see, seamlessly.

Easy to integrate APIs

Our exclusive APIs for Content Owners and Retail Brands are easy to integrate and work seamlessly on their applications and/or on our REELIV platform.

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