About us

We are a tech-enabled content monetization platform for Content Owners, Brands & Retailers.

With ad-skipping and avoidance at all-time highs, getting inside of the world’s TV shows, films, streaming content, and music videos helps brands create deeper connections with audiences that ads can’t reach, driving both brand affinity and sales. We are here to do just that.

Though a start-up, we are a team of professionals and technologists who have turned around the growth and development stories of businesses and tech organizations that we have worked in past.
Chances are that many of the technologies that you may be experiencing today across verticals have been rolled out/ led by our team members in the recent past.

But that’s all past. The future of course is REELIV, which you would witness now, has this immense ability to change the way we monetize our content to sell our products.

What is REELIV

You are watching a video (across platforms)

You like something shown in it

You want to buy it

REELIV app shows you buying options

You buy your liked product online

It’s that simple… No need to guess or spend time endlessly searching for the product. With a simple tap on your phone, the exact product you watched on the screen and wanted to buy would now reach you effortlessly. That’s technology, that’s REELIV for you!